Cows and Meat-Eating

I felt like I had a real ‘connection’ with the cows on this trip and was feeling increasingly uncomfortable eating burgers. A rancher later told me that they just thought I might be bringing them food pellets!! Cosmic connection cancelled!!


Had an amazing encounter with 15 cows watching me from a pasture on the side of the road, which really has me reevaluating all of this beef I’m eating.

From a moral perspective, they are raised and slaughtered so that I can have a hamburger?

In terms of personal health – beef and hamburgers definitely not the best food I can be eating (check out Forks over Knives documentary), although the alternatives in some rural areas are few, particularly in cattle country.

Cattle raising is terrible environmentally-it takes 10 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef and cow flatulence is a major source of methane-really-which has far more impact on global warming than CO2.

Is a plant based diet in my future??