Skydive Fargo

During this trip I had the opportunity to discover and experience my intense fear of heights (bridges, trucks, steep downhills, crosswinds, etc.) and made efforts to address that fear. I definitely took those efforts to the next level with three consecutive skydiving jumps out of an airplane at 13,000 feet over July 4th Weekend in Fargo.  After having to watch the strongest waiver video, I experienced the greatest terror I ever felt stepping out of that plane. The shift to a calm and near-exhilarated state after the parachute released was amazing. I even made the Fargo nightly news (July 4th must have been a slow news day). Sure enough, after jumping from an airplane, a bridge 100 feet over the Mississippi doesn’t feel too intimidating.

Video of my first dive:

WDAY news article and video:

Waiver video: